About Us

Sichuan Yiyang Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004.The company is located in No. 87, West Second Section of Chengdu Second Ring Road.The registered capital of the company is 83 million yuan. It has a production base in Chengdu Shaqu Industrial Park, covering 20 mu.It has professional equipment such as welding equipment, machine tools and driving vehicles totaling more than 18 million yuan.We have 20 senior engineers, 16 professionals who have been selected by our company to undergo advanced studies in water treatment and acquired intermediate or higher titles, 30 professionals who install after-sales service, 52 factory manufacturers and managers. Our company is a registered member of China Boiler Association and a board member of Environmental Protection Industry Association. Environmental design qualification issued by EPA. There are after-sale service offices in many provinces throughout the country.The company mainly produces all kinds of fully automatic water purification equipment, filtration equipment, automatic water softener, iron and manganese removal equipment, ion exchange desalination equipment; assembly and production of reverse osmosis, EDI and other pure water, ultra-pure water equipment; undertake a variety of drinking water, pure water, circulating water, ultra-pure water, industrial sewage engineering.The company is a distributor of ARKEL disc filters in Israel, NORIT ultrafiltration membranes in Netherlands and DOW reverse osmosis membranes in the southwest of the United States. It is the distributor of IONPURE China's general agent in Sichuan. We wholeheartedly provide you with water treatment technical consultation, scheme design, process selection, installation, commissioning, technical training services, long-term maintenance, maintenance services.


Enterprises have established a sound quality management system and after-sales service measures; ISO 9001 quality management system has always run through every business link of enterprises; it provides a strong guarantee for providing users with high-quality products and excellent services.
The main business scope of the company:
Adsorption, filtration equipment, ion softening, desalting and desalting system

  1.RO reverse osmosis pure water and ultrafiltration water purification system
  2.EDI (electric ion exchange) equipment. High quality drinking water purification system.
  3.Membrane separation equipment, swimming pool and landscape circulation water treatment system
  4.Water treatment related accessories / filler / pharmaceutical enterprise wastewater treatment system
  5.Processing of non-standard containers sewage treatment system
  6.Manufacturing of metal structural parts
  7.Frequency conversion constant pressure water supply system
  8.Improvement of water treatment system and equipment

On "creating value for partners"

We believe that customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees are all partners and partners who cooperate with themselves. Only by making efforts to create value for partners can we realize their value and develop and succeed.

On "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service"

We believe that good faith is the basis of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite for solving problems, innovation is the tool for developing the cause, and service is the root of value creation.