Us ER gets Saudi Arabia sea light project pressure exchange device contract total $6 million 200 thousand.

2018-11-03 12:38:42 2

Recently, it was learned that Energy Recovery (ER) Company, which specializes in the research of industrial fluid pressure technology in the United States, has signed a supply contract for pressure exchange equipment in Saudi Arabia's desalination project, with a total amount of $6.2 million.
Under the above contract, Energy Recovery will supply PX-Q300 pressure switching devices to several Saudi Arabian desalination facilities with a total capacity of 305,000 m3/d.
Energy Recovery estimates that these devices can save 291 GW of energy and 174,000 tons of carbon emissions per year.

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Energy Recovery President Joel Gay said that in the Middle East is still the key markets of our company, in 2018 we will continue to keep themselves in the global market power, desalination and priority to Saudi Arabia to reallocate economic resources, focus on drinking water and desalination field, of course, we will also therefore become the direct beneficiaries.