Chengdu plans to invest 500 million yuan to win the battle against pollution

2018-11-03 12:48:33 4

The problems of drinking water source area, the treatment of agricultural and rural pollution, scientific control of blockage, green growth in all areas, and the treatment of "scattered pollution" This year, chengdu will focus on ten key areas to win the battle against pollution and environmental protection. The chengdu conference on ecological and environmental protection held on July 12 made comprehensive arrangements for the construction of ecological civilization and the protection of ecological environment.

How to win this battle?

Chengdu environmental protection bureau, national development and reform commission, water bureau and district (city) counties are arranged around ten key areas. According to zhang jun, head of chengdu's environmental protection bureau, the next step will be to follow chengdu's "three-step" strategy to promote high-quality development, forcefully push forward environmental protection inspectors to find problems and rectify them, and continue to improve the ecological environment of the city, so as to provide environmental protection support for the construction of a beautiful livable park city.

Next, chengdu municipal commission of urban management will strictly manage construction waste transportation vehicles. By the end of September 2018, all slag transportation vehicles in chengdu, including GPS data, will be incorporated into the municipal dust management information supervision system platform to realize green and intelligent monitoring of waste transportation vehicles.

, said an official with the chengdu water department related to "water conservancy power" as the core, chengdu will speed up the whole domain 243 segments black smelly water comprehensive governance, strengthen promotion within the 4th ring road 53 black smelly water governance effect, by 2020 fully eliminate black smelly water and worse Ⅴ water, minjiang river and tuojiang river in chengdu period of high water rate above 70%.

In terms of financial input, over the past five years, finance of chengdu has invested 50.1 billion yuan in environmental protection and pollution control, of which 25.34 billion yuan has been invested at the municipal level and 24.76 billion yuan has been invested at the district and county level. "We have allocated 500 million yuan for pollution control this year, and 200 million yuan has been allocated to districts (cities) and counties." According to relevant controller introduces, chengdu bureau of chengdu bureau of adjusting for pollution prevention and environmental protection project oriented way of distribution of funds, the municipal directly invest into direct funds, in order to realize the goals and tasks environment quality improvement and completion of the inspection, implement the reward and punish for district (city) county, the implementation of pollution prevention and control of capital area (city) county government environmental protection responsibility to carry out the guidance and motivation.

Ten key areas for pollution control

We are determined to win the battle against the blue sky. We will draw up a three-year plan to implement the program, fully implement the "10 measures to control haze", strengthen industrial emission reduction, control of mobile sources, and control of dust, clean up coal-fired boilers across the region, promote the use of new energy vehicles, and improve precision in dealing with heavy pollution.

We will resolutely fight the battle of bishui. We will fully implement the system of long rivers and lakes, thoroughly implement the "ten measures to control water pollution", create new treatment mechanisms, strengthen management and protection, continue to renovate heavily polluted water bodies, strengthen protection of good water bodies, deepen ecological restoration of water in river basins, and create an integrated landscape of water along the river with the construction of green corridors.

We will resolutely combat the problem of drinking water sources. We will coordinate efforts to standardize the construction and protection of drinking water sources, protect urban and rural water sources, harness upstream and downstream water basins, and upgrade water supply systems.

We will resolutely fight agro-rural pollution control. We will protect the rice bags, vegetable baskets and water tanks that people depend on for their survival, focus on reducing the amount of input and green production, deepen the "toilet revolution" in rural areas, and promote conservation and restoration of western sichuan forest dishes in a high standard.

We will resolutely fight science to overcome difficulties. We will deepen the implementation of the "ten measures for controlling traffic jams", strengthen efforts to prevent and control blockages by wisdom, projects, and laws, build an intelligent transportation system, accelerate the incorporation of rail transit into a network, create a green travel incentive mechanism, and build a green transportation system.

We will resolutely fight the global green attack. We will optimize and improve the ecological background, vigorously implement the "ten green enhancement measures", continue to build tianfu greenway, and promote the restoration of forest vegetation in longquan mountain and the upgrading of native vegetation in the giant panda habitat in longmen mountain. We will vigorously promote green growth in urban areas, accelerate the formation of a green park system, and comprehensively improve the overall efficiency of ecological development.

We will resolutely combat environmental protection infrastructure development. We will accelerate the completion of infrastructure shortfalls, implement two "three-year plans" for urban sewage and urban and rural waste treatment facilities, and raise the level of waste and sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe networks across the board.

We will resolutely fight against "scattered pollution" to combat the offensive. We will focus on regional border areas, strictly supervise the "vacuum" zones, and scientifically identify, classify and dispose of them according to the principles of "rectification and standardization of one batch, relocation of one batch, and closure of one batch in accordance with the law", so as to realize the dynamic "zero clearance" of "scattered and dirty" enterprises by 2020.

We will resolutely fight clean energy alternatives. To promote the clean energy revolution, as a key "cure for the root cause", we will increase financial support and incentives for power replacement projects. We will improve clean energy infrastructure and promote the development of clean energy living areas.

We will resolutely combat the development of the environmental protection industry. With huaizhou new town as the focus, planning layout of the national energy conservation and environmental protection industrial park; We will support international and domestic outstanding environmental protection enterprises in chengdu and in the western region, and support local outstanding environmental protection enterprises in accelerating their development. We will improve our capacity to support science and technology, accelerate the promotion of science and technology projects to combat haze, and strive for more state support in basic scientific research and technological breakthroughs