Analysis and evaluation of rural domestic sewage treatment technology in China

2018-11-03 12:29:28 4

By consulting 119 cases of rural domestic sewage treatment projects in China from 2000 to 2016, the technical model of rural domestic sewage treatment, effluent execution standards, removal rates of six main pollutants (chemical oxygen demand, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, ammonia nitrogen, SS, BOD5) were analyzed, combined with hierarchical points. The present situation and development trend of rural domestic sewage treatment in China are analyzed. The results show that 57.26% of the rural domestic sewage treatment process has less than 100 m3 D-1 treated water; the effluent quality mainly implements GB 18918-2002 Standard for Pollutant Discharge from Urban Sewage Treatment Plants, with 74.99% of the literature; the treatment technology is generally divided into three categories: biological, ecological and combined treatment technology, and the combined treatment technology is the most used. Many technology combinations are the main direction of rural sewage treatment in the future. In the literature, the emphasis on the assessment of water quality indicators is COD, total phosphorus, ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen from high to low, and the difficulty of pollutant removal is COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen from easy to difficult.

Rural domestic sewage is one of the main sources of pollutants in China's rural areas, and rural pollutants have become an important factor affecting the water environment, thereby affecting the ecological environment of the whole rural area, but also restricting the development of rural economy. With the advent of the new socialist countryside construction policy, we can see the new direction and bright prospects of rural development in China. In order to realize this good vision, it is particularly important to have a scientific understanding of the current situation of rural domestic sewage treatment technology. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to analyze and evaluate the rural sewage treatment technology since China entered the 21st century. The author collects and summarizes 119 literatures on rural domestic sewage treatment technology from 2000 to 2016 through China KnowledgeNet, analyses the current situation and situation of rural domestic sewage treatment technology, and summarizes various evaluation methods of rural domestic sewage treatment technology, aiming at choosing suitable life for each rural area according to the actual situation and needs. Sewage treatment technology and scientific and rational development of rural domestic sewage treatment planning and project implementation provide reference, in order to promote the construction of new socialist countryside.

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